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Создание покер рума
Creating a poker room can be considered like any other business generated a profit. At the same time, opening the online casino, it must be remembered that in addition to earned income, will also be required to pay taxes.
What do you need to create a poker room? The first is a dedicated server, equipped with uninterruptible power supply. Equipment must be strong with the amount of RAM, at least 8 GB of Internet access and 24 / 7.
The second stage – writing software for the web site and poker room client software. To create a poker room spent about 3-4 months and in addition to program development, should also be a system of governance.
The next step – connect your online casino with all kinds of payment systems.
To work created by the poker room was lawful, must be licensed and registered, in charge of that organs such as the legal entity.
Total average of initial cost would be 40-50 000 U.S. dollars, and return on such a business – about 6-8 months.
Создание покер рума

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