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Label: Island Records
Source: WEB, Album, iTunes Deluxe Edition
Release date: Jul-11-2011
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 124 MB
Genre: Electronic / Soul
Style: Dubstep / Drum & Bass

Alex Clare, formely known as Alexander G. Muertos, is a British singer-songwriter composer from London, UK. His debut album, The Lateness of the Hour, is scheduled for release in the UK 11 July 2011 on Island Records. Produced by Switch and Diplo.


Original Release
01. Up All Night
02. Treading Water
03. Relax My Beloved
04. Too Close
05. When Doves Cry
06. Humming Bird
07. Hands Are Clever
08. Tight Rope
09. Whispering
10. I Love You
11. Sanctuary
12. I Won't Let You Down

iTunes Deluxe Edition
13. Where Is the Heart?
14. Treading Water (Unplugged)

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