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Released: 26-05-2010
[/b]Label: Lower Level Records
Cat.#: LVLLP001
Source: WEB (boomkat)
Genre: Dubstep / Breaks / Electro / Wonky
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 100mb

UK production/VJ outfit Hexstatic (aka Stuart Warren Hill and Robin Brunson) return with a brand new album, leading with former single 'Gammera' in all its break chopping, dubstep-tinted glory. 'Jungle Drums' further suggests the the duo are keeping abreast of the times, laying down some tough basslines and urgent drum programming. Subsequently, the likes of 'KOs' and 'The Galaxy Invader' retreat into more obviously familiar drum & bass territory, but the execution is suitably big, lumbering and loud, with plenty of melodic content elevating the latter. Taking on more of a staunch, electro-informed angle is 'Embryo', which comes complete with hammering sub-bass tones. The duo have plenty of fun with the found-sound sampling aesthetics of 'Monkey's Uncle', before memorable transforming the piece into a mostrous dubstep production that oozes playful malevolence. Preserving the air of creative diversity, 'Charade' lopes into a funk-fuelled easy listening mode, and for its finale Trailer Trax rounds off with the crunching rim shots, expert beat carving and flamboyant synth processing of 'Skateboard Sense'.


01 Gammera 04:02
02 Jungle Drums 03:29
03 Kos 05:02
04 The Galaxy Invader 03:44
05 Intermission 05:46
06 Embryo 03:16
07 Monkeys Uncle 04:47
08 Charade 03:50
09 Hollywood Bar 02:20
10 Loop-A-Lot 03:30
11 Skateboard Sense 11:36

Автор: ZasranetZ | Загрузок : 210 | посмотрело: 534

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