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The "Honda Ukraine 's August 1 announced хонда цены на auto в украине decline for a number of models in ofytsyalnoy dylerskoy network.
Vvydu neprostoy situation in the market the company "Honda Ukraine" razrabotala of special Quotation for The most populyarnыm car model of 2008 rows of issuance, representation in Ukraine. Size varyruetsya discount of 8% to 16%, depending on the models of equipment and car.
"We snyzhaem prices for cars in 2008 GV, Delaiah Honda cars more than affordable of Ukrainian consumers. Our company razrabotala every Saturday morning on the abstract proposal, kotoroe vыhodno otlychaet kazhduyu model konkurentov in such class of relevant and pleasant poraduet avtosalonov our visitors," - хонда цены в украине - said the head of department of marketing and planning of production has Podolyanka Alexander.
Beginning with August, the Accord sedan version of bazovuyu can buy for 18,089 UAH cheaper - for 208,029 USD, prices for restaylynhovыy Civic hatchback startuyut from 180,248 UAH co skydkoy 12,421 USD, gender owners a maximum versions of CR-V during a shares will be possible for 273,403 USD - to 23,774 UAH Prior cheaper prices. Samыm advantageous proposal to class will be the price of Honda Pilot, future car owners do this, udastsya sэkonomyt 16% from the value of car - during a Pilot shares in bazovoy of equipment will cost 297 360 USD, 56 640 UAH cheaper, something previously.

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